My smallholding dream

Cow in field

During the last few days I’ve been catching up with Ben Fogle’s Lives in the Wild UK.  I’ve seen the previous series where he visited people around the world who have chosen to live in the wild, but I’m finding the UK series much more inspiring so far because it’s in the UK.  I realised … Continue reading My smallholding dream

Finished glittery winter scarf

Glittery winter scarf 2

It only took me a year to finish my glittery winter scarf!  That’s quite terrible really, when I usually make several scarves for charity each year. I first blogged about my glittery winter scarf in winter last year, when we had a period of icy winds and I realised that while I’ve made many scarves for … Continue reading Finished glittery winter scarf

The wolf you feed

The wolf you feed

Morning, all.  I have a couple of days off work, so I’m currently sat in my jimjams (moose ones!) eating a bacon sandwich and blogging.  Lovely!  It’s been a very stressful week here at Planet Millie. Last Thursday my Mum was rushed to hospital after visiting her GP, who thought she was having a heart … Continue reading The wolf you feed

New owl mug

Flamingo Gifts Owl Mug 2

I have been on the hunt for a new autumn mug.  I don’t need a new mug – I already have millions.  However, I really want an orangey one to use in September and October to mark the change of the seasons (when November 1st arrives I then get my Christmas mug out!).  Anyway, I … Continue reading New owl mug

Around here lately

Christmas mug 2015

I haven’t done a general chitchat post on here for over a month, which is a bit ridiculous.  I’m still doing my photo a day project, so I thought I’d share a few photos and chat to you about what I’ve been up to.  These photos aren’t in order though because I like to live … Continue reading Around here lately

Book reviews for October 2015

Sparkly bookshelf

I bought some fairy lights for my bookshelf this week.  I’ve wanted a twinkly bookshelf for aaaaages now so this is super-exciting! In other book news, I recently sorted through my to-read list and culled over 80 books.  I’m feeling very satisfied with this.  Looking at some of the books, I couldn’t remember why I … Continue reading Book reviews for October 2015

Fountain Pen Day

Visconti Homo Sapiens Fountain Pen

Today is Fountain Pen Day, which is a worldwide day dedicated to the celebration of fountain pens!  I thought I’d take the day to share my fountain pen wishlist, which is always growing.  All the price links go to the CultPens website.  I’ve shopped from them a lot over the years and recommend their service. … Continue reading Fountain Pen Day

Links to read for November

Vulcan XH558 04102015

I’ve got a collection of links to read for you today. I find this article on Frugaling about not wearing branded clothing interesting, because I’ve always had an aversion to clothes with big brand logos on them. I don’t understand why people would want to wear an item of clothing with a design that is … Continue reading Links to read for November

A windmill and some fungi

Heckington Windmill 2

A couple of weeks ago I went for a little drive in rural Lincolnshire.  People get confused when I say that, because all of Lincolnshire is rural, but I tend to mean the Fens when I say that (which is the proper ‘back of beyond’).  It pretty much all looks like this: (For those unfamiliar with … Continue reading A windmill and some fungi

Paperblanks giveaway winners!

Paperblanks Rococo Revival Notebook 2

It’s time to announce the winners of the Paperblanks giveaway!  Isn’t this exciting!  Thanks to everyone who entered.  The winners are drawn by Rafflecopter. The winner of the Rococo notebook is Aisazia, congratulations! The winner of the Monet notebook is Aida, congratulations! I haven’t been able to send out emails to notify you both as my … Continue reading Paperblanks giveaway winners!

Diamine Brandy Dazzle ink

Diamine Brandy Dazzle ink 1

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d bought a new ink, and here it is!  I bought the Diamine Brandy Dazzle ink, which is one of their new shimmer inks.  I haven’t bought an ink by anyone other that J.Herbin for many years now, but I couldn’t resist trying the new shimmery inks by … Continue reading Diamine Brandy Dazzle ink

Paperblanks notebook giveaway!

Paperblanks Rococo Revival Notebook 1

I’ve got a Paperblanks notebook giveaway for you today! Yey!  I am giving away a Paperblanks Monet notebook and a Paperblanks Rococo notebook.  I will draw two winners. The Monet notebook is brightly coloured and features Monet’s “Le Pont” (The Bridge) painting.   The notebook is part of the Paperblanks Embellished Manuscripts series.  It has a magnetic … Continue reading Paperblanks notebook giveaway!