Christmas in September

Christmas in September

I know some of you will have winced at that title (in fact, I bet some of you didn’t even click on the post to see what I’m saying!).  I have noticed a lot of bloggers at the moment are going on about how great fall autumn is.  Autumn is great, but it’s not really … Continue reading Christmas in September

Squirrel in the garden

Squirrel on garden shed roof

The title of this blog post sounds like a Lucy Daniels story.  I used to love the Animal Ark series (also, Lucy Daniels isn’t a real person, I’ve just discovered – it was just a pseudonym used for the many different authors that contributed to the Animal Ark series). I know I only did a … Continue reading Squirrel in the garden

Chevron quilt pattern tutorial

Chevron quilt pattern 3

I don’t have an actual quilting project to share with you today, just some little bits I’ve been experimenting with.  I’ve been trying out some chevron patterns for a quilt, and I thought I’d share the easiest technique I’ve found with you.  It’s really simple to do and I find the results impressive. A little … Continue reading Chevron quilt pattern tutorial

Photo a day for August

Coffee and book

I had intended to do a specific photo a day project for August, but I got distracted and didn’t complete it.  Oops.  Instead of sharing all of my photo a day photos for August, I thought I’d share specific photos instead. I didn’t do that much gardening in August, because the weather has been truly … Continue reading Photo a day for August

Book reviews for August 2015

Fairytale bookends 2

I didn’t write any book reviews for July because I only finished one book. FAIL! Then, I discovered a vampire series, so I ended up reading four books this month which sort of makes up for my poor reading numbers this year. Here are my book reviews for July and August. Crazy salad and scribble … Continue reading Book reviews for August 2015

Grey squirrel controversy

Squirrel featured image

I have been watching the controversy with George Monbiot and his grey squirrel saga with amusement.  For those who have missed it, George Monbiot is an environmental champion in the UK (and a journalist) and on Newsnight last Thursday he cooked a grey squirrel live on air. A clarification. When the papers say I butchered a … Continue reading Grey squirrel controversy

Murano glass pen

Murano glass pen 2

My sister went to Italy a few weeks ago, and one of the places she visited was Venice. Whilst there, she bought me a small Murano glass pen in red and gold. This is my third glass pen.  I’ve reviewed my mini one on here previously, and my other one is a standard size red … Continue reading Murano glass pen

A rainy link share for you

Rainy day blues

I’m writing this link share on the assumption that it will be raining when you read it, since it’s very wet this week!  I hope you enjoy the links included! Four ways to be a more effective version of yourself. I can’t really expand more on that title, so go read the suggestions. I’ve probably … Continue reading A rainy link share for you